Enhancing Sales Productivity: Does Orum or Nooks Hold the Key to Smarter Dialing?

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Introduction to Sales Dialing Technology

In the fast-paced world of sales, efficiency reigns supreme. Sales teams are constantly striving to maximize their output, knowing that more calls can lead to more opportunities and, ultimately, more closed deals. One key to achieving this high level of productivity is the adoption of advanced dialing technology. These systems allow sales development managers and their teams to reach potential customers more effectively, reducing downtime and enabling a sharper focus on the sale itself.

Platforms like Orum and Nooks are at the forefront of this technological evolution. Orum prides itself on its parallel dialing capability, where multiple numbers are called simultaneously, connecting the sales representative to the first person who answers and thus, maximizing talk time. This level of efficiency could significantly reduce the hours a team spends on unsuccessful calls. On the other hand, Nooks is celebrated for its more holistic approach. They emphasize not just the quantity of calls, but also the quality of interactions through advanced analytics and seamless CRM integrations. Together, Orum and Nooks embody the cutting-edge of sales dialing technologies that have rapidly transformed the landscape of sales development.

As a sales development manager, it's critical to understand the subtle yet impactful differences between the various tools available. The best choice can differ depending on a company's size, the nature of the sales process, or the specific goals of a sales campaign. By comparing these two platforms, we aim to dissect their features, assess their capabilities, and determine how they may differentially affect sales productivity. These insights will empower sales teams to make informed decisions about which technology aligns best with their strategic objectives.

Our comprehensive comparison will take a deep dive into the user experiences provided by each platform, evaluate the integration with other sales automation tools, and analyze the potential return on investment. We recognize that managers need to be equipped with not just the tool, but the knowledge of how to leverage such technology for the greatest impact. Let's explore the intricacies of Orum and Nooks, and unlock the secret to smarter dialing.

What is Orum?

Orum is a “Live Conversation Platform” designed to help teams reach more conversations with prospects. They do this through their parallel dialer which calls multiple lines at once and connects you with whichever answers. While primarily focused on maximizing efficiency, they have also added collaborative features like virtual salesfloor recently. The platform also has a variety of call analytics and a library for identifying coaching opportunities based on call characteristics. 

What is Nooks?

Nooks, like Orum, is at its core a parallel dialer. Where Nooks has differentiated itself is in its focus on additional bells and whistles. They do this with what they call a virtual salesfloor. This is a collaborative experience for virtual teams to dial together. Orum has this, but Nooks emphasizes it within their offering. Again like Orum, Nooks has advanced call reporting and analytics. 

Making a Decision

When deciding between these two very like platforms, it’s important to first evaluate your needs. What are you looking to accomplish with either platform? How many dials a day are you looking to do? Is it all about the salesfloor experience? Or is it undefined?

Define your criteria and importance. Some possible criteria can be found at a glance below, with CallCloud as a third more affordable option.


All 3 have feature parity with the exception of CallCloud not having a parallel dialer. Defining if this is a must for your team and if the downsides associated with parallel dialing are worthwhile is a key consideration. For teams making 400+ dials a day per rep, the decision is clear, a parallel dialer is necessary. However, power dialers allow for a more strategic, straight forward approach with the capability to make 100+ calls in an hour. For many teams, this is plenty and much better fits their work flow. For this reason, it’s recommended to trial each.

Integration + Deployment

Where these 3 differ is on integration and deployment. Nooks and Orum have more ample integrations. However, CallCloud differentiates itself by directly integrating with your current sales engagement platform’s UI. 


Nooks and Orum lock their pricing behind their sales teams, but each will run you hundreds a month and do not allow you to pick and choose which features to opt for. On the other hand, CallCloud is $40 a month for our dialer and allows you to customize what you include in your package.


Run trials with each. All 3 offer guided trials. This will allow you to best determine what suits you and your team. You can book a demo with CallCloud here.